Parfait, the brand

Parfait, Smriti Mehra’s passion turned profession offers mouth watering delicacies to its dessert-crazy cliental in Mumbai. 


Exclusivity is our brand’s hallmark. Majority of the ingredients are imported from the US or from London. Every product is made to order and baked on the day, ensuring freshness. Customization is possible to a large extent with each creation personally handcrafted by the artist herself. 


Today, Parfait as a brand, claims the USP of its products as rich ingredients coupled with quality and the absolute desire of customer contentment. You’ll see this in the amazing Tiramisu with its soul stirring Mediterranean orange rinds, in the sinful little Brownie stuffed generously with Belgian chocolate, in the dainty little cups topped with irresistible chocolate mousse and in a variety of other mouth-watering temptations. Created with lots and lots of tender loving care, served to your heart’s delight.  

Smriti Mehra, the artist


‘The perfect host’ at meals since her teen years, Smriti has been polishing palates one friend at a time. Planning menus, shopping for ingredients, designing desserts, experimenting with different flavours, picking the right crockery and complimenting it with the finest cutlery, it all became de rigueur. 


Encouragement from her family translated her passion into profession. To hone her skills, she first enrolled at the Sophia Polytechnic, excelling with some outstanding creations. The icing on the cake, was the intensive patisserie course at Le Cordon Bleu, which in her words is, “the best experience I could have ever had”.

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